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American Marking Crayons Texsport Hydra Duffle
Texsport Hydra Duffle
Our Price Starts At: $32.50
Dixon 12 Count American Marking Crayons are Top Quality and long lasting wax crayons. Dixon American Marking Crayons measure 5" x 9/16". American Marking Crayons are strong colors that will not melt in sunlight. Dixon American Marking Crayons come 12/box. Texsport Hydra Duffle at CSPForestry.com. The Hydra Duffle Bag is a water repellent sportsmans duffle. Hydra duffle comes in yellow and black or forest green and chocolate. Hydra Duffle is made of tough PVC fabric and comes in three sizes.
Brass Stencils Lufkin Folding Log Rule
Brass Stencils
Our Price Starts At: $7.25
Lufkin Folding Log Rule, 064S
Our Price Starts At: $11.25
Brass Stencils by Young Bros Stamp Works, Inc.: These brass stencils have a gothic style font. Brass Stencils are available in many different sizes from 1/2" to 6" in figures or letters. Lufkin Folding Log Rule at CSPForestry.com is a 4 foot folding Log Rule. The Lufkin Folding Log Rule is widely used by timber cruisers and loggers for measuring diameters.
Suunto PM-5 Hand Held Clinometer Brass Stencils
Suunto PM-5 Clinometer
Our Price Starts At: $185.00
Brass Stencils - 6" Stencil Set
Our Price Starts At: $54.50
The world famous Suunto PM-5 Clinometer is a hand held clinometer used for making precise measurements of vertical angles. Foresters in government and in private industry consider and use the Suunto PM-5 Clinometer more than any other clinometer for measuring tree height and slope. Brass Stencils by Young Bros Stamp Works, Inc.
Markal #200 Lumber Crayons Idico Duz-All Tree Marking Paint Gun for Quart Size Cans
Markal #200 Lumber Crayons
Our Price Starts At: $7.08
Markal #200 Lumber Crayons are ideal for lumber marking but will also mark on paper, plastic and much more. Markal #200 Lumber crayons are lead free and available in several colors. The Idico Duz-All Tree Marking Pant Gun for Quart Cans shoots a fine pin stream for tree marking and has a self-cleaning, no drip nozzle.
Field Vest Elvex Quattro Reusable Ear Plugs: Shown EP-415
Lightweight Field Vest
Our Price Starts At: $57.95
Elvex Quattro Reusable Ear Plugs
Our Price Starts At: $53.16
Field Vest from CSPForestry.com is a lightweight, acrylic four pocket field vest. . Our field vest is a four pocket field vest that is lightweight acrylic. Our field vest has four pockets and is hi-vis orange. Elvex Quattro Reusable Ear Plugs: Corded Reusable ear plugs rated 25NRR, packaged 100 ear plugs per box. Quattro ear plugs are reusable, comfortable and offer a universal fit.

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Carlton G7SP 3/4 Pitch Harvester Chain Loop, 68 DL

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Carlton G7SP 3/4 Pitch Harvester Chain Loop, 68 Drive Links
Sale Priced -- Carlton G7SP 3/4 Pitch Harvester Chain Loop, 68 Drive Links. 3/4 pitch, .122 gauge. Carlton saw chain features nickel alloy steel, industrial chrome plating, exclusive honed sharp cutters, roto blasting, hypodermic lubrication and Carlton Quality Auditing

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