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Cruiser's Crutch Angle Gauge Dixon Half Moon Carpenter Chalk
Cruiser's Crutch
Our Price Starts At: $33.75
Half Moon Carpenter Chalk
Our Price Starts At: $10.50
Cruiser's Crutch Angle Gauge at CSPForestry.com Dixon Half Moon Carpneter Chalk has a hemispherical shape making it easy to use and handle. Dixon Half Moon Carpenter Chalk is available in two colors at CSPForestry.com
American Marking Crayons Markal Soapstone
Markal Soapstone
Our Price Starts At: $29.95
Dixon 12 Count American Marking Crayons are Top Quality and long lasting wax crayons. Dixon American Marking Crayons measure 5" x 9/16". American Marking Crayons are strong colors that will not melt in sunlight. Dixon American Marking Crayons come 12/box. Markal Soapstone (Round, Flat or Square): Markal Soapstone is widely used for marking by welders, contractors, foresters and more. Soapstone won't contaminate the weld and holds its edge.
Haglof Mantax Aluminum Calipers Markal UltraScan Grade Markers
Haglof Mantax Aluminum Calipers
Our Price Starts At: $120.95
Haglof Mantax Aluminum Calipers are diameter calipers ideal for foresters, wildlife management professionals, researchers and even individuals measuring bmi. Haglof Mantax Aluminum Calipers are a rugged and reliable choice for a diameter caliper. These aluminum calipers are economical and have stood the test of time. Markal UltraScan Grade Markers are the ultimate Grade Marker. 18 Colors of the Markal UltraScan Grade Marker designed to read on the Lucidyne and other grade mark readers. Markal UltraScan Grade Markers offer twice the writing life of fluor. crayons.
Timber Tally Cards Oakfield Apparatus Model HA Soil Sampler
Manilla Timber Tally Card (100/pk)
Our Price Starts At: $7.50
Oakfield Apparatus Model HA Soil Sampler
Our Price Starts At: $52.50
Manilla Timber Tally Cards for One Species The Oakfield Apparatus Model HA features a 19" probe with a screw-on tip for sampling different soil types. This one-piece soil sampler is designed for use by professional landscapers, nurserymen, golf course superintendents, gardeners and growers.
Delmhorst J-2000 Moisture Meter Saunders Redi Rite
Delmhorst J-2000 Moisture Meter
Our Price Starts At: $301.00
Redi Rite - 8 1/2" x 12" w/calculator
Our Price Starts At: $32.95
The Delmhorst J-2000 Moisture Meter is a wood moisture meter, ideal for woodworking professionals to measure moisture content in various species of wood. The Delmhorst J-2000 Wood Moisture Meter comes in a functionally designed case and has integral contact pins.

The J-2000 Wood Moisture Meter is packed with features and is popular with woodworkers, small shops and furniture manufacturers.
Saunders Redi Rite

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Carlton G7SP 3/4 Pitch Harvester Chain Loop, 96 DL

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Carlton G7SP 3/4 Pitch Harvester Chain Loop, 96 Drive Links
Sale Priced -- Carlton G7SP 3/4 Pitch Harvester Chain Loop, 96 Drive Links. 3/4 pitch, .122 gauge. Carlton saw chain features nickel alloy steel, industrial chrome plating, exclusive honed sharp cutters, roto blasting, hypodermic lubrication and Carlton Quality Auditing

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12 Link Flail Chain .630 Diameter
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